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HR 3753/ S 1691-Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005

Section 10. Recruitment and Enlistment of Home-schooled students in the Armed Forces

Comments on Section 10 concerning enlistment in the military by homeschoolers are at The Military Homeschooler.

Main points are:
-- creation of homeschoolers as the only educational group outside of the Tier system, specified in public law concerning military enlistment

-- identification of qualified recruits are already spelled out without pinpointing homeschoolers

-- contradictory requirements concerning third-party verifiers of "homeschooling status"

-- homeschool grad must score at the 50th %ile, which is the current standard for holders of a GED certificate

-- proposed legislation states that homeschool curriculum will be patterned after "traditional secondary school," but the current law, which wouldn't be amended, requires 12-years of traditional graded schooling

-- the third-party verification letter of a graduate's "home-school status" is not an optional choice, but would be required
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