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HR 3753/ S 1691-Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act 2005

Friday, October 07, 2005

Battling for the heart and soul of home-schoolers

Some excerpts from a Salon article had been posted by HILL. Let's study the legislation and the history presented of HSLDA/NCHE. In particular, what are the possibilities if an organization such as HSLDA is allowed by federal mandate to verify homeschool status? What if a homeschooling family chooses to not join a state or county home-school association or organization? Why is HSLDA limiting the choices of homeschooling families by these requirements? And should an organization like HSLDA that requires such verification by writing this language into a bill also be allowed to profitably provide such? Would they verify all homeschoolers as approved?

From Section 10:
5) The graduate has provided the Secretary concerned with a third-party verification letter of the graduate's home-school status by the Home School Legal Defense Association or a State or county home-school association or organization.
From page 4 of the Salon article:
"They even asked group leaders to do home visits to make sure people were doing home schooling the 'right' way," Moyer says. Many who opted out of the groups launched the inclusive HERO support group network.
Read the rest of the article HERE.
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