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HR 3753/ S 1691-Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act 2005

Monday, October 03, 2005

Homeschooled kids are already priority candidates

In light of this memorandum from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, and dated last January, why is Section 10 of HR 3753/ S 1691 even needed for homeschooled kids to enlist as Tier Ones?

And this mention at seems to say that DoD is replicating the five-year pilot program whose report was released in January 2004 -- although maybe "graudates" are something other than grads?

Tell me again why we need to enshrine homeschooling in federal law.
posted by Publius, 5:31 PM


We worked VERY hard to get that letter, but it still leaves the branches free to classify homeschoolers as Tier II candidates, which dramatically reduces the number of slots available and limits the advancement options.

I'm trying to help a homeschool leader in Wyoming whose son wants to get into the Navy and is being told it can't be done because he is homeschooled. (The Army would be glad to have him.)
commented by Blogger Anselm's Apprentice, 1:20 PM  
That's an old story. The same class of thing happened to my dad in 1935.
commented by Blogger Valerie, 8:22 AM  

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