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HR 3753/ S 1691-Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act 2005

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Speaking of same-old, same-old

On an email list a message-writer called the objections (and objectors) to the to the proposed homeschooling legislation contained in the House resolution 3753, and the Senate bill 1691, "same old, same old." It's hard to come up with something new when the proposed legislation is nearly identical with legislation proposed just two years ago.

Still, that Section 10. That's something new, isn't it?


The Spring 2000 edition of the Massachusetts Home Learning Association (MHLA) newsletter, Snail Mail, carried an article in which the authors considered many of the same issues being discussed now, and a couple that haven't yet been considered. The concerns are nothing new.

-- Military Survey Re-ignites Fears of Legislation

Military Survey Re-ignites Fears of Legislation
Summary of the issue by Maggie Sadoway

When is New Legislation Worth the Risk?
Results of research into the issue by Nicky Hardenbergh (This article appeared in Snail Mail in an abridged version.)

So even with the 'new' section, we run into the "same old, same old" issues and concerns from five years ago.
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Instead of attempting to change Federal Law, why doesn't HSLDA spend their time, lobbying funds and energy discussing the issue with the different branches of the military to find reasonable solutions for home educators?

Better yet, why not take some time to educate members of the importance of exploring the requirements to participate in the military or a particular college ahead of time so one finds the necessary resources to either negotiate solutions or fulfil the requirements.

Doing so on an individual basis allows for individual solutions.

Attempting to make the solution Federal Law will only end up providing narrowed choices in the end. Quick fixes via the law often narrow choice rather than expand it. If HSLDA continues to ask for Home Educators to be exempt from such mandates as No Child Left Behind, but continues to demand equal rights to Military and college programs that utilize those mandates as guidelines, they threaten to pull homeschoolers under those same No Child Left Behind Mandates and more.
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