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HR 3753/ S 1691-Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act 2005

Saturday, October 15, 2005


This new policy by the Coast Guard appears to be unfair and discriminatory. The number of tattoos on a person, or the percentage of skin covered is immaterial concerning how well a person works or how well a person learns his or her job. Without documented rates of attrition, or evidence of other negative results of having tattoos, an informed opinion regarding tattoos cannot be made.

TaNDA legislation should be introduced into the houses of Congress to protect the rights of law-abiding tattoed citizens to enlist.

This Act may be cited as the `Tattooed Persons Non-Discrimination Act of 2005'.

Congress finds as follows:
(1) The right of persons to have themselves tattooed is an established principle and precedent under the United States Constitution.
(2) Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court, in exercising their legislative, executive, and judicial functions, respectively, have repeatedly affirmed the rights of people to tattoo themselves.
(3) Tattooing performed in a certificated tattoo parlor is a right protected by the Bill of Rights.
(4) Persons who have been tattooed are proving themselves to be competent citizens in postsecondary education and the workplace.
(5) The rise of tatooing has contributed positively to the expression of freedom of speech of young people in the United States.
(6) The United States Constitution does not allow Federal control of tattooing.

It is the sense of Congress that--
(1) tattoing, pursuant to State law, is a positive contribution to free speech within the United States; and
(2) people who choose this form of free speech should be encouraged within the framework provided by the United States Constitution.

SEC. 4
Tattooed Persons - Chapter 31 of title 10, United States Code, is amended by inserting after section 503 the following new section: Sec. 503b. Recruitment and enlistment of tattooed persons

(a) Policy on Recruitment and Enlistment- The Secretary concerned shall prescribe a policy for the recruitment and enlistment of tattooed persons. The Secretary of Defense shall ensure that the polices prescribed under this section apply, to the extent practicable, uniformly across the armed forces

(b) Elements- The policy prescribed by the Secretary concerned under subsection
(a) shall include the following:
(1) Identification of qualified tattooed persons for purposes of recruitment and enlistment in the armed forces that is in accordance with the requirements described in subsection (c).
(2) Within the Department of Defense recruiting requirements, tattooed persons will be treated the same as untattooed persons, with no practical limit with regard to enlistment.
(3) An exemption of tattooed persons from any requirement for a percentage of untattooed skin as a precondition for enlistment in the armed forces.

(c) Qualified Tattooed Persons - In identifying a tattooed person for purposes of subsection (b), the Secretary concerned shall ensure that the person meets each of the following requirements:
(1) The person has taken the Armed Forces Qualification Test and scored at the 50th percentile or above.
(2) The person has provided the Secretary concerned with--
(A) a signed form from the tattoo parlor that conforms with the licensing requirements according to State law of the State where the tattoo was done;
(B) a certificate or diploma awarded to the tattoo artist from the American Tattooing Institute or other national tattoo certification provider.
(3) The tattooed person has provided the Secretary concerned with a photo of all tattoos on the person, which includes the tattoo date, and type of image
(4) The recruit has provided the Secretary concerned with a third-party verification letter of the tattoo parlor's certified status by the Tatto Artists Legal Defense Association or a State or county tattoo association or organization.'.

(b) Clerical Amendment- The table of sections at the beginning of such chapter is amended by inserting after the item relating to section 503 the following new item: `503b. Recruitment and enlistment of tattooed persons.'

[Note: other than the October 15, 2005 news article, the above is a spoof. No tattooed people were harmed in the making of this spoof.]
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