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HR 3753/ S 1691-Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act 2005

Monday, November 28, 2005

HR 3753/ S 1691-Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act 2005



H. R. 1815, THE NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2006 has already been agreed to by the Senate. To read the entire bill for yourself go to: (then type into the box "HR 1815" and select the last (fifth and latest version) of HR 1815. The four earlier versions do not contain this important section related to the recruitment and enlistment of homeschooled students.

Hidden deep inside this 739-page bill is section 522:


(a) Policy on Recruitment and Enlistment-
(1) POLICY REQUIRED- The Secretary of Defense shall prescribe a policy on the recruitment and enlistment of home schooled students in the Armed Forces.
(2) UNIFORMITY ACROSS THE ARMED FORCES- The Secretary shall ensure that the policy prescribed under paragraph (1) applies, to the extent practicable, uniformly across the Armed Forces.
(b) Elements- The policy under subsection (a) shall include the following:
(1) An identification of a graduate of home schooling for purposes of recruitment and enlistment in the Armed Forces that is in accordance with the requirements described in subsection (c).
(2) Provision for the treatment of graduates of home schooling with no practical limit with regard to enlistment eligibility.
(3) An exemption of graduates of home schooling from the requirement for a secondary school diploma or an equivalent (GED) as a precondition for enlistment in the Armed Forces.
(c) Home School Graduates- In prescribing the policy, the Secretary of Defense shall prescribe a single set of criteria to be utilized by the Armed Forces in determining whether an individual is a graduate of home schooling. The Secretary concerned shall ensure compliance with education credential coding requirements.
(d) Secretary Concerned Defined- In this section, the term `Secretary concerned' has the meaning given such term in section 101(a)(9) of title 10, United States Code.


NOTE: There are no guidelines as to what kind of policy the Secretary [of Defense] will create. This leaves the door open to whatever the military creates with assistance from anyone. It will not be voted on by your representatives, but a subjective defining of "homeschooled graduate." You will have no say in what policy the DOD creates with regard to recruiting and enlisting homeschooled students.

NOTE: H.R. 1815 leaves it up to the Secretary of Defense to determine "a single set of criteria to be utilized by the Armed Forces in determining whether an individual is a graduate of home schooling." Do you want the Department of Defense defining what a homeschool GRADUATE is? They could require almost any criteria as a definition.

NOTE: HOW will the DOD "identify" home school graduates [section (b) (1)]? By registration? With who? Is this the law that will require a national registry of homeschooled students? Will homeschoolers be 'identified' by the federal government collecting state lists of registered homeschoolers? There appears to be nothing to prohibit a national registration of homeschooled students in HR 1815, indeed, it seems to call for it. Will it be necessary for homeschooled students to register with the DOD as young people now register with the Selective Service? Or some other appointed agency or organization affiliated with the DOD?

Will this action lead to organizations becoming - by law - the official accrediting agencies of homeschoolers? Will there be a federal registrar of homeschooled students?

If you believe this is just an 'end-run' around the opposition to H.R. 3753 and S. 1619, [the Homeschool Non-Discrimination Act] then contact your U. S. Representatives NOW and let them know you oppose section 522 of H.R. 1815, The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2006. Otherwise Section 522 will slip through hidden in this huge bill when Congress approves the Defense Authorization for fiscal year 2006.
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