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HR 3753/ S 1691-Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act 2005

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Follow The Law-No Clarification Needed

It's noted HERE that there is no need for HSLDA's desire for clarification with federal legislation.
This particular post is regarding Section 4 of HR 3753/S 1691. Here's an excerpt focusing on a comment from Chris Klicka (HSLDA):

Interesting is that HSLDA said No Problem as well, back in January, 2003:

We are thankful for the revisions in the Handbook and the new "Dear Colleague" letter. We believe that this will clear the air and enable homeschoolers to easily gain admission to colleges based on the merit of their excellent academic programs and will also enable homeschoolers to freely obtain student financial assistance without any further unnecessary and illegal barriers.

And if it's illegal, what's the deal with fussing it up with more legal verbiage and "clarifications"? Just follow the law. Let's get rid of this invasive bill! HSLDA is demanding more government intervention via their legislation; particularly Section 10 along with HSLDA's financial gain (as laid out in part 5 above). This article from Washington University (St. Louis) about homeschoolers in college has a great quote from a homeschooler: Sharp feels that her application process did not differ much from that of her fellow college students.

"College applications were the same for me as for everyone else-a pain!" exclaimed Sharp.

Homeschoolers do NOT need special privileges. We stand on our own without special status.
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We consider that this will clear the air and allow homeschoolers to with no trouble,
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